Designing workflows from a customer perspective.

Heike, you have been working for caron since 2006. What is your specialist area?
I am responsible for marketing, quality assurance and cost control.

What are the main challenges of your day-to-day work?
I make sure that we are constantly improving the quality of our services and that our customers are satisfied. The ISO certification process, which we have successfully completed, involved a large amount of work for me. Cost control includes, for example, monitoring the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of projects and, if necessary, suggesting improvements. The fact that our costs are transparent at project level and at company level allows us to keep our prices low, which benefits our customers. I will also be developing our marketing activities. Until now we have deliberately left this on the back burner.

What are your qualifications?
I have worked as a senior manager in a number of different organizations in Germany. I have business qualifications and have trained in organizational development.

What do you think is important to caron's customers?
Our customers are not looking for an anonymous service provider. They want a genuine, credible partner who understands their requirements and takes them seriously. Our customers also expect us to be reliable and to provide a rapid response and a competent service. Of course, the price also plays an important role when customers are placing orders.

Any company which wants loyal customers must meet its customers' needs. How does caron manage that?
For us, the focus is on identifying customers' requirements and taking those requirements seriously. Our quality management and our quality culture form an important foundation for our work in this area. This involves not only the management level, but also all our service processes.

Finally, we'll turn to you yourself. Do you have a personal motto?
I'm someone who works on the basis that if I can't change the situation I'm in, then I must change my approach to it.