Always there for customers.

Silvia, you have been working for caron since it was founded in 2000. What is your area of expertise?
I am responsible for the layout of the documents after they have been translated, in other words, foreign language typesetting. But my job also includes translation management. I'm currently getting up-to-speed on online help.

What is a typical day like for you?
I work from my office at home. When a text is translated, the layout changes. After a text has been translated, for example into Greek, I make sure that the layout is the same as that of the original source document, that no special characters have gone missing, that the graphics are in the right place and have been translated, and that the index is sorted correctly. I work closely with my colleagues in the office in Allschwil, because projects often involve working on eight to ten languages at the same time with very tight deadlines.

What qualifications do you have?
Initially I worked in a hospital laboratory as a medical assistant. I have always found the operation and the design of technical equipment fascinating. I was given training by a Swiss pharmaceutical company and moved to its research department. My next move was to the documentation department, where I worked with Thomas, who is now my manager. When caron was founded, it gave me the opportunity to develop my skills within an interesting area.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work at caron?
Because I work from home, I can generally choose my own working hours. However, I am happy to be flexible and provide our customers with a "round the clock" service. This allows me to find the best possible balance between my work and my family.

What do you think are caron's strengths?
The people who work here are highly skilled and very flexible. We take a proactive approach and look very carefully at the projects that we are working on. If we find an error, or even if we suspect that there may be an error, we check up on it. This helps our customers to be sure that their products do not contain any errors by the time they reach the end customer.

What is it that customers value about caron?
Our customers are aware of our commitment to them. They appreciate the individual support and the close contact which we have with them. Other factors include the good price/performance ratio and the certainty that we can meet the deadlines, even when they are tight.

Where do you see caron going in future?
I think that we're looking forward to a period of steady growth on all levels. The foundation for this is the ISO certification that we've now completed. I think both of these developments are very exciting.

Do you have a personal motto?
I believe in "live and let live". Tolerance, mutual respect, acceptance and recognition are also important to me. I like to live according to my personal convictions, without becoming indifferent.