Communication begins in the head.

Thomas, why have you specialized in the field of technical communication and translation?
I find it a fascinating world. It brings together very different areas, such as language, technology and design. These are all things that I am interested in. I have always been fascinated by interfaces.

What exactly does your everyday work consist of?
As managing director, I am responsible for managing the company. I am also involved in projects in a number of different ways. Although it isn't always easy to combine the two roles, I really enjoy working on projects, because it inspires me and I find the variety of the work fulfilling.

What are your qualifications?
I started my career with an apprenticeship in electronics. Then I passed my high school diploma through a distance learning course and took a degree in biochemistry. Before I founded caron, I was head of the documentation department in an international pharmaceutical company.

What are caron's strengths?
We have a strong customer focus and offer professional services at reasonable prices. We enjoy what we do and we are highly motivated. Our customers are aware of this and are happy to work with us.

What is caron's current position and how do you see its future?
We have built up a solid customer base without any advertising or marketing. The majority of our customers are international companies and some are market leaders in their field. A large part of our revenue comes from Switzerland's neighboring countries. We have developed a close worldwide network of partners, specialists and translators. Until recently, you could say that we have been an insider tip, as we didn't have a website or any other sort of public presence. The company has now come to the end of the first developing phase with the completion of ISO 9001 certification. Doing this has enabled us to clarify, optimize and automate our processes and workflows. We see this stage as an important basis for further growth, which is our next objective. However, we want to grow in specific areas and finance our growth ourselves. We are financially independent and want to stay that way.

Can we now take a look at you as a private individual? What is your personal motto?
I would probably say that my motto is "The journey is the destination". Authenticity is very important to me, by which I mean finding yourself and living your own life.