Information design.

We design information for our customers' benefit.

Good information design is essential in making your text and images accessible and usable. In addition, it ensures that your information has a longer useful life and can be reused in future.
Create a media-independent information base for the future. Transform your information into knowledge.

Professional information design is characterized by:

  • Selection
    The right selection of information, adapted to the requirements of the different user groups.
  • Classification
    A clear breakdown into information classes, as a basic prerequisite for making information easy to find and to use.
  • Structuring
    A logical structure, as the fundamental principle which provides a secure foundation and a clear outline for the information.
  • Information layering
    Carefully designed information layering, as an efficient way of dispensing and controlling information.
  • Presentation
    Presenting information intuitively using well-balanced and carefully planned typography which makes the internal structures visible, so that readers can find their way around your documents intuitively.
  • Access
    Easy access to information, using well-designed navigation systems, search functions and indexes.